Education Bureau


  • Access basic education through formal and non-formal education program.
  • Expanding equitable education and training for urban and rural community.
  • Work cooperatively with different stakeholders for the success of education and training program.
  • Enhance the participation of women in education programs.
  • Reducing and controlling wastage in education (internal efficiency).
  • Ensure the accessibility of youth, women and disadvantaged groups at all level.
  • Alleviate poverty by producing well trained, competent and job creating citizen.
  • Increase productivity at all level through capacity building program.
  • Supply the necessary education inputs to ensure quality education.
  • Decentralize the educational structure and leadership at all level.
  • Increase the provision of quality education for students with special education needs.
  • Ensure the availability and competency of teachers, principals and supervisors.


Transform society through harnessing the full potentials of the learners to become productive citizens.


  • We will be ready and positive for change.
  • It is our manifestation of professional conduct and commitment.
  • We provide everyone with advent and timely information.
  • We make good use of resources.
  • We work within our ability to organize for quality education.