To Provide Valuable Service to the City.


To be an Exciting, Attractive and Comfortable City.

Core Values

Very important of the range of service offered to residents and visitors that enhance equal distribution of benefit and national unity and multi-nationalism in Dire City.


The Dire Dawa City administration is structured with two administrative levels. These are the city administration and the kebele Administrations (Dire Dawa Government Charter Proclamation No. 416/2004).

The City Administration shall have organs power to be organized at the level of the city center and kebele

  • The organ of powers of the City center shall be the following,

(a) City Council,

(b) Mayor,

(c) City Cabinet,

(d) City judicial organs, and

 (e) The Office of the Chief Auditor of the City.

  • The organs of power of Kebele administration are the following:

(a) Kebele Council,

(b) Kebele chief executive,

(c) Kebele standing committee, and

(d) Kebele social Court.


     The City Council

  • Members of the City Council
  1. Members of the Council shall be elected by the residents of the City for a term of five years.
  2. The number of member of the Council shall be determined according to the electoral law.
  3. No member of the council may be prosecuted on account of any vote he casts or opinion he expresses in the Council, nor shall any administrative action be taken against him.
  4. No member of the Council may be arrested  or prosecuted without the authorization of  the Council, unless he is caught red handed  for grave offences.
  5. Members of the Council are free and the accountability shall be only to the constitution of Ethiopia, this Charter, their conscience, and the residents of the City.
  6. Any member of the Council may, in accordance with the law, be discharged from his
    membership of the Council where the electorate has lost confidence in him.
  7. No member of the Council shall be elected I other electoral polls to be conducted pending the term of office of this council according to electoral law, unless he has resigned or hi has been discharged from membership of the Council.
  8. Any Council member should restrain himself and notify thereabout where his personal interest and that of the Council are in conflict.

             It has :  The Spokesperson of the City Council

                          The Deputy Spokesperson of the City Council

                          The Secretary of the City Council

  • Address: Kebele 04 – Greek Camp
  • Phone: 0251130654/1306
  • Fax: 0251130647