Porc Epic cave is situated some 2 km south of Dire Dawa at the foot of the escarpment rising from the southern Afar plain and straddling the mouth of the river Datchatu. It is located nears the top of the hill called Garad Erer that rises very steeply from the wadi floor on the eastern side. Although the cave is not easily accessible, it commands a view of a great expanse of lower lying, open terrain to the north and of the wadi bed leading

southwards into the escarpment (Clark and Williamson 1984).

The site was uncovered and for the first time test excavated in 1929; and a full scale excavation was undertaken in 1933, 1974 and 1975. All the excavations yielded a large amount of artifacts and other findings. This include lithic assemblage, faunal and floral remains including a mandible of early homo sapiens, pottery and above all a rich painting on the walls of the cave, which are all belonged to the Middle and Later Stone Ages.

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