Construction And Housing Development Bureau


By building capacity building in the Construction, Housing Development and Administration Bureau, enhancing the participation of the community, investors and other development forces in development works, establishing an integrated construction development and regulatory system, building building plans and ensuring public safety and health, and establishing sustainable and effective housing development and management services. It is to promote development.


In 2017, our administration aims to increase the capacity of the construction industry and the participation of the community to make quality and standard infrastructure, housing and other construction works suitable for residents and jobs.

Core Values

  • Work in accordance with the principles of honesty,

  • Transparency and accountability;

  • Constantly striving for efficiency and efficiency,

  • Always be in a constant state of learning and learning;

  • Prioritize public interest

  • We believe in the rule of law

  • It is about treating everyone equally and treating different ideas appropriately.

Our Location

  • Address: Dire Dawa city in Kebele 03, at Mayor office Building
  • Phone:
  • Fax: +251254110898
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