Dire Dawa Administration Justice Security & Legal Affairs Bureau


Ensuring the rule of law in the pre-conflict prevention work of the Dire Dawa administration, ensuring peace and security, conducting legal research, and creating awareness through the protection of the rights and interests of the people and the government.


Dire Dawa Administration sees the rule of law in 2017 as a place where peace, human and Democratic rights are respected.

Core Values

  • the basis our  success Is our man power

  • we strive for honey and change

  • we provide efficient and effective service

  • we put the public interest before self

  • we believe in the rule of law

Our Location

  • Address: Kebele 03, on the Dire Dawa Administration Education Bureau Building
  • Phone:
  • Fax:
  • Po. Box:
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  • official Since Feb 29 2024
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