Dire Dawa Agriculture, Water, Mines And Energy Bureau


The bureau will undertake action to implement the sector’s policy , strategies and programs  pertinent to agriculture, water, mine and energy development through integrating the efforts of the other development actors, thereby to ensure the    food security of the communities and render necessary support for the economic sectors of the Administration.


To create a modern agricultural system that uses advanced technology to achieve high levels of productivity and to expand productive non-agricultural employment opportunities based on sustainable natural resource development to reduce the risk and vulnerability of the consumer community.

Core Values

we will:

  •  Serve the agricultural communities  and  the bureau customers to their desire

  • Work transparently and honestly,

  • Make ourselves ready to enable the communisis,

  • Give value for time and resource,

  • Strengthen mutual cooperation and support,

  • Be accountable for our decision and actions,

  • Take and carry responsibility

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