Public Service And Human Resource Management Bureau


Achieve the development, good governance and democracy building process that has begun by creating a strong and effective public service that serves the country, the people and the citizens based on the principles of transparency, accountability and accountability that can effectively implement the objectives and policies of the government.


To see the nature of a morally acclaimed public service that can effectively carry out its mission.

Core Values

  • Our good manners are reflected in our work!

  • We work to create satisfaction for our customers!

  • Ensuring transparency and accountability is always our business!

  • The rule of law is our duty!

  • We support, learn, and care about our work!

  • We will achieve the vision of our institution because it is our vision!

  • Human resources are the basis for the success of our mission!

  • We develop a culture of transferring technology to the community!

Our Location

  • Address: Dire Dawa, Kebele 03, At Education Bureau Building
  • Phone:
  • Fax: +251251117749
  • Po. Box:
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