Focuses on Responding to the increasing risk of drought: building gender-responsive and increase resilience of the targeted rural community to the adverse impacts of climate change by introducing new approaches to water supply and management that are capable of increasing the productive capacity of the community and the carrying capacity of the natural water ecosystems.


  • From 2020 to 2024. 


  • Implementation Area:

    Dire Dawa Rural Area including:-

    • Biyo Awale Cluster / Woreda

    • Kebeles:- Adada, Bioawale and Bekehalo

  • Beneficiaries:
    • Number of Beneficiaries: 18,500 people

    • Direct Beneficiaries: 5,000 people (with the current average family size of 4.5 directly out of which 30% will be female Headed Households)

  • Office: Dire Dawa Agriculture, Water, Mines and Energy Bureau
  • Duration: Mar 09 2024 - Mar 09 2024
  • Budget: 45,000,000 ETB