The One WASH National Program is the Government’s main instrument to achieve the goals of Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP) for the WASH sector in a more integrated manner. OWNP aims to coordinate WASH activities and improve efficient use of resources for WASH service delivery for rural, urban, and pastoral communities, as well as for schools, health posts and health centers


  • Plans (5 years and annual), Reports (Monthly, Quarterly and annual), Steering Committee (Quarterly), Technical committee (monthly) and management meeting minutes.


  • Implementation Area:

     The One WASH National Program Phase II are directed towards attaining increased and sustained coverage of safe water supply and sanitation in rural areas. This includes:

    • All 4 clusters/ Rural Woreda/, 16 schools, 11 health centers/posts in Dire Dawa.
  • Beneficiaries:
    •  30,000 people, 16 schools and 11 health centers/posts are direct beneficiaries from the program.
  • Office: Dire Dawa Agriculture, Water, Mines and Energy Bureau
  • Duration: Jan 17 2024 - Jan 17 2024
  • Budget: 102,216,523 ETB